Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Those Federal Programs To Short Changed

Where the brass is saying OK but the Federal Funds is saying to short, all this means is that states have to encourage other methods to obtain funding first.

Obama is trying to refresh the same old tactics that government always leans on to produce something that would simply melt into government circles but it will not work, why, look at the only options there is to create jobs - TIFIA program (The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Program), which helps communities use federal credit assistance -- direct loans, loan guarantees, and lines of credit -- to leverage their transportation projects. TIFIA isn't a Foundation for Consumer's it is a entrapment for everyone. Loans & guaranteed Loans do not guarantee highways & bridge upgrades, look at the recent flooding maybe they needed to upgrade bridges before there was a disaster from a mediocre hurricane that destroyed in patches, thinking it to be the big one which was really how Government/Federal Highway Administration meets with the states 50/50 (not enough is that issue. I'll take you up on the 'You Buy Me One To Hang In There With As Many Employees I Can Gather From All Four Corners Of America." I Love It Obama Doesn't! Thanks People for trying to deal with the same situation refreshments & speeches on YOU GOT TO MOVE.

See article: "Obama To Call For Extension Of Transportation Funds Currently Set To Expire"; this is the proof of the pudding that does not go around like passing the plate but rather a pink slip of how much money do you have to participate. What this option gives the Federal Budgeting Committee is entirely a overview of the total expenditure from all sources and attempts to lure you to believe it will be cheaper but sub-contractors are going to be doing the purchasing not the Federal Budget Fund which becomes consumed by the Federal Members even banks take a cut from Insurers. This is called "Not Meeting The Deadline For The Job", whom fails to benefit - a contractor or someone with a city responsible for getting data to a contractor based on court records so the city ends up paying a fine for a contractor whom bids off the project to another contractor out of state to get back lost profits which end up with a even higher price tag but the city is stuck paying the contract of the first deal which the Feds gave authority to a contractor that had to go with normal ordinary purchase agreements & accounts established (no savings at all). TIFIA program (The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Program), established in 1998 a Federal Credit Program for eligible transportation projects, cities take the Credit as a loss and collect from collected tax money from the Federal Highway Program of all states. Funny isn't it?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation

The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation
(EVFCF) is the short form to identify My Project Plan which is for Consumer's.

Many people already have bought and paid in full for a vehicle, only difference is they bought a Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) which runs on either diesel or gasoline and requires oil. If your business gets enough people debt free within a yr to 2 yrs there will be more people that might like to have their auto converted and save more money and they can make their own electricity and that is what the Foundation is all about, revolutionizing our economy. It can work for American's and it can work for every International nation that wants to establish the workforce and the conversion facilities so every nation gets a chance at resolving the debt and their economy with the help of the Foundation. I think that should be the direction we choose to make, it is like The Foundation owns or cares for some of the parts installed in your vehicle so why then should you worry about what is installed, it makes you financially capable to do other things, no credit check, no banking, not even a credit card or savings account is required during your ownership from the day you choose to convert the auto to the day you decide you do not want it. The auto can be transferred to another individual that will pay the warranty fee $1,000 per year so that means you sell out a share of your old vehicle, buy another used vehicle if you want get it converted over and continue enjoying travel everyday you wish as a electric vehicle instead of a (ICE). I got a long way to go before I clean up the first website cause it is literally cluttered with our nations news.

First Site

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Why do we have to accept prior consumer demands forever & ever. There's a future yet to compel our desires that can return energy to us and if we do not start accepting our future opportunities right now we may never as a nation fully obtain enough energy even after Natural Gas Ships, Airplanes, Motorcycles, Cars have been created because all that will create a new supply & demand and that shall increase the prices of Natural Gas. We have more alternatives that are cheaper, wiser than Natural Gas, we do have a future. We need to grasp our opportunity right now and develop our nation. This will help taxpayer's more than Obama has borrowed from them and our US Treasury, so we do not have anything to lose here.

Today we are at a critical turning point as far as our economy in the United States is evolving through political means and it does not look prospective for consumer's esp. the taxpayers. I do not believe that our current President can grasp the significance our economy has with consumer intervention, he has shut them out of the picture concentrating on the upper managerial aspects of big business another articulate that government itself should not be going into and that is now far reaching to endorse International formations in a attempt to govern the price and lower the government insurance costs in management. With this greater aspect covering up the consumer's best interest as a advertisement potential that shall drag our economy into a deeper crater that American's need not be concerned with, it is more likened to a ad campaign that slams in the consumer's face with its popup ad issue. If you agree with these findings that government has taken advantage of consumer's then you should join with me in development of My Project Plan I have entitled it EVFCF which stands for "The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation". I myself do not have funding to bring this Foundation into the necessary perspective for consumer's. Generally The Foundation is a resource for the interactions of consumer's and this resource is a self generating producer without dependence on creating small business but would formulate grants that with collegiate help can support small business support. It is not the actual purpose to drive small business because it must provide the needed components for its conversion facilities that would be created in every state. It is a large organized body that interacts with a consumer for the specific purpose of converting the consumer's vehicle to a electric instead of backing those big automakers that produce a entire vehicle for consumer purchase. The financial opportunity to consumer's is the driving force to create the production line for this to occur, we have to center on specific size vehicles to comply to each different type to create a ingenious way to convert specific vehicles instantly without the tedious waiting period which could take months to organize so it is rather a larger project than what a single automaker is undertaking because they do not have to endorse their product from the consumer's current ownership. This is the problem that President Obama fails to understand, he would rather have a large bundle of cash to manage in bringing consumer's expensive electric and natural gas solutions for their vehicles, that only would increase the consumer's tax bracket on their estate property so why should consumer's have to endorse higher taxes on their estate just because of a electric vehicle. It is not fair that taxpayer's are being used as a founder of new expensive electric vehicles and they not become a purchaser, logically this is bad economics esp. Internationally where shipping costs will decrease for those shippers that buy into Natural Gas Powered Ships but increase for all those that stay with the current oil powered ships. This in turn will cause the Natural Gas "Supply & Demand" for consumer's home needs to increase in cost as the shippers demand more and more Natural Gas in shipping expensive electric vehicles to other countries and it does not make sense that our nation is intentionally crushing the economic standards of other nations through President Obama's economic principles.

This is not a dream, it is a work in earnest I have undertaken to bring some balance to our nations economic situation.

Visualize this, a consumer that owns a vehicle could have that vehicle converted FREE through the workings of The Foundation. The support of testing that vehicle on a yearly basis is the purpose of a warranty which would be the only overhead cost to the consumer. All the warranty provides year after year is a formal avenue to replace freely any part which was added to the consumer's vehicle should that part become damaged due to a malfunction or other malfunction of that part without the intentional damage a consumer could exert on that particular part or its array of functioning parts as in a electric schematic layout intrusion. So the test schedule would become a permanent operation through the years, part replacement could mean supporting all similar vehicles but the consumer is not being asked to pay a penny for this technology that replaces their components in their own vehicle. What this means is NO CREDIT CHECKS, NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS, NO POSTAGE STAMP OR ENVELOPE NECESSARY FOR PAYING A FEE, NO ADDITIONAL WARRANTY COSTS OTHER THAN A YEARLY PROJECTED COST. What more is there to this to envision other than JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. With the help of every state JOBS can be secured, The Foundation through its economic savings plans would generate some of the income for these workers which only amounts to a parts replacement position which is nothing hard to learn and it is a secure opportunity for the states to consider because it requires little education of the workers. In Obama's plan education must be certified, sure some leaders need certification at each conversion facility but that decreases the need of funding education colleges when this certification becomes a "On The Job Learning Experience" out of a classroom experience and that saves taxpayer money in the long run. Once converted the consumer is left to manage their own driving skills on their newly converted vehicle and of course make themselves a way to create electricity from solar collectors or wind turbines which can be a community effort and each state could help consumer's do that much. This economical opportunity has always existed, not until now has someone put it online that it can be created as a Foundation and those that give to The Foundation could benefit if The Foundation ever were listed in S&P for each consumer that participates would earn shares on the items that became managed by The Foundation from their vehicle. It is a better way to offer economic support to consumer's and taxpayer's and each nation could endorse their own Foundation. Our laws needs to support this Project Plan, our government needs to support this Project Plan, you need to help me get this Project Plan up and kicking the butts of those that are taking advantage of consumer's and taxpayer's right now so we can get out of the OPEC Squeeze our nation is having from imported foreign oil.

I am Mr. Charles Michael Jones; I live in Prattville, Alabama; I was born in Walker County, Alabama in 1952; I am 56 years old and I have a few years I can stand by this Project Plan before my time comes. Obama will not give me a chance to obtain help from our government, he has ignored ever communication I have ever sent him even in the US Mail so how can you help me because I need this as a final attempt to provide me a income and I would completely enjoy this opportunity to help you as well so give me a shot of your advertising strength and let's get this Project Plan up and running for Consumer's and Taxpayer Economic Support because I am who I say I am without question "We Can Bring Out The Best In America"..

I have brought this Project Plan to the attention of the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and to the Governor of the state of Alabama, Bob Riley, but this Project Plan has to have more endorsements than just these to states so you see how I am in need of your service.

So I need a Server Plan with location, I find the state of Alabama most interesting to begin this Foundation. Would you like to help me do this? Send me a Email.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

General Update and Music MP3 Clips


Available at Joe Muggs' Coffee House counters you can find their brewed music CD's packed full of little to non-known artists which are putting out some good music. Recently I bought volume 1 2 & 3. Amazon has two CD's available: Joe Muggs' Coffee House CD Volume 1 (Audio CD - 2003) - Single & Joe Muggs' Coffee House CD Volume 2 (Audio CD - 2004). The Amazon link could change anytime. Once available at the Joe Muggs' Coffee House website, so you have to look around for ordering information for Joe Muggs' Coffee House CD Volume 3. Books-A-Million, Inc. has been placing them on sale out front of the store so look outside, no longer available at the website, but is still saling the High-grown Latin American Coffee if your interested which retailed for $9.99 & $11.99.

Between My Twitter, Facebook, Google's Jonalist Blogger, MySite Blogging Works I thought that I should add my Amazon as objective to bring yo you what I have for sale and to offer some free Artist Music Clips you can listen to while here. I am al_cmjones at MySpace. So I added this Widget reflecting the album choice of the week at the Martha's Vineyard Radio site Check each week at ( I will make some more interesting things available to you so this is not so drab. You can also read more about my challenging field of freelance work at MySite. Join me at Twitter to learn more from my archived postings you should find interesting which I often go into the tangent world around us and discover things that are serious and a concern probably to you as taxpayer's and consumer's, is there much difference. I also have a Townhall blog and I am a member of the Tea Party Community Online at Teabook. Join the Tea Party Community and become a voice for all consumer's. Have you been led by a lease or ball & chain all your life [The main concern OBAMA has given to the people whom feel they do not have to pay government for Health Care Insurance nor have Health Insurance either cause they think OBAMA developed a Democratic Plan which Violates The United States Constitution by forcing American's to have to have else they go to prison]? Have your relatives also been treated unfairly? Think now there are some serious things missing from our government that makes this a difficult thought, I mean look at the economy, it is the reason why we are so strong in thinking that someone out there is going to do what the economist say to do and not do what they think you want them to do for you and America but hey, isn't what they should be doing for America more important than doing for themselves. It is a political oversight that so much has to be accomplished by a bigger government that brings us to a conclusion that our laws that we respect and resolve our daily lives are failures for politicians seeking change. How about that, just when we were going to launch our Consumer Opportunity Campaign the Big Banks, Insurance Companies, Major Automaker's and now affecting Hospitals & Doctors all came under scrutiny by the US Government. It really looks that our government was trying to make ends meet for foreign governments with taxpayer money. At least the last time I read some news I read how our financial system was on the brink of a rating collapse. That has affected Banking in both Checking & Debit Card Fees not just Credit Cards which was a primary target to get more money rolling. Therefore I am collecting donations for my project plan which serves all of the United States "IF THE STATE WILL APPROVE JOBS AND CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE IN THAT PARTICULAR STATE", which you can find that becomes a rather long political venture to avoid as you have thus far seen following the election of Barack Obama to the US Presidency and it is as bad as that. Obama is one of those people that first looks out if he thinks he needs something if so he backs that but when it came to consumer's needing to bow out of International Oil Importing he frowned against the idea since that drive goes against the Oil & Gas Corporates not to mention the Automakers that want to force you to buy their electric car at a price your estate can't afford or sell you a empty shell and lease the batteries to you for as much as the fuel is equivalent, but the lease is on a monthly basis and banking has a special account you must comply with in some instances else your on your own. Well look, when a consumer is bribed to pay into a political campaign he/she expects results, if the result in law matters do not work for their investment they call it in America cause it goes against their taxes then they call that a ripoff and want the candidate to return the money they gave them but it has been totaled against their taxes and that tax year is ended - so much for looking after the consumer interest. That is how I mean political, it has become a democratic way to perceive the economy and Democrats and more likely to leave out the approval of Republicans than Republicans leaving out Democrats cause Democrats have a higher operating cost with increased taxation and wasteful spending. I back consumer's needs and interests, I will not support government that fails to provide these to consumer's and I find it is over taxation when it can be the way of life for every America that can support the matter so donate soon. My project plan is named "The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)". Can you be real careful cause I do not want to meet up with OBAMA because of his threat to American's.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Economic's For Middle East Versus American Investment's

I see that a great many believe that America is grasping Afghanistan as a benefit to the economic situation America is experiencing at home and this is a fallacy they are clinging to. First I envision a bigger responsibility of Afghanistan to grow its own independent economy and this means first they should invest in energy needs for the region and for themselves, with this in mind they can continue to obtain support of Russia and China especially for Steel and sales of their Natural Gas if they develop a Natural Gas Pipeline to distribute and to bring a new port into service. In so doing Afghanistan will offset the loss of Natural Gas Russia receives from Iran and any potential that China could have received from Iran. Ironically Iran cannot maintain a Natural Gas Supply and continue to support its Nuclear option to go through with the ten more Nuclear Processing Facilities and Reactors they have proposed. The pipeline Iran uses is less than ten inches in radius supplying Natural Gas to Armenia. As we know from past shutdowns of this Natural Gas Pipeline, the most recent shutdown proved to be caused from leaks because the pipeline does not get enough maintenance as other pipelines that Russia maintains. Flushing pipelines regularly is a good practice and that results in a conversion opportunity to obtain Natural Gas for resales as Russia has done with European pipeline management. American Government cannot depend on Afghanistan, Pakistan, or India to fund their future economic goal and continue to enforce a terror war, it is bad business ideology to attempt to cope with terrorism and maintain a business of improving nature in either three nations as we saw in Iraq it is not feasible. Afghanistan has stated that within 15 years that their economy should recover to the point that feasible investments with the American Government will be possible and that included military funding for American Troops being there. This is indeed to long of a deal to wait while Obama did isolate earlier that American Troops would be out of Afghanistan by July 2011.

Chinese & Russian influence will be the major solution the three nations should consider rather than dependence on America, this would allow our Troops to return home or tend to ordeals elsewhere globally where they may be needed more. The United Nations has been a active participant in each nation and have suffered the most material damage. Afghanistan will not be capable of their own security protection for at least twenty years and that is a longer term commitment than our Troops should be engaged there, to costly for America's Taxpayers on a long term engagement.

Development of economic resolution would be feasible without a overhead from the committed dedication which our United States Air Force has observed through their most recent invention objective to convert their entire aircraft fleet by 2011 which would create a Synthetic Fuel from Natural Gas that will mix 50% with the existing Jet Fuels thereby providing a 50% drop in CO2 Pollution increases Globally caused by America's USAF flying recons and producing a 50% saving in production and purchase of ordinary processed Coal type Jet Fuel which our USAF has been using in the past. This 50% mixture has the potential to be used in commercial jetliners as well. If Africa would convert their aircraft to this Synthetic Fuel and produce their own fuel they also would save 50% on overhead costs that they would normally experience with using Coal as they also have done so in the past. All over our world every nation could contribute the same 50% reduction of CO2 released into the atmosphere by using Natural Gas Synthetic Fuel. Factual scientific data should be able to detect a 50% reduction globally in CO2 if these measures are taken within a few years.

Facts Break Reasonable Accounting

The 50% Jet Fuel Mixture is a Synthetic Fuel derived from Natural Gas which the USAF owns outright & has unlimited access to in many nations. Funding a nation is merely setting up the small laboratory to create the 50% Jet Fuel Mixture that is mixed with the normal Jet Fuel made from Coal & that produces 50% less CO2 pollution. In affect the effect of this exchange of funds is boosting our Military Strength around the world, it does nothing to offset the calamity reported as Global Warming since there will be no decrease of flights using Jet Fuel & that includes everything from Helicopters to the new Stealth Jets. The deal is to curb Africa's Commercial Jet Fuel consumption since they are the worlds largest polluter of CO2 having more commercial jets flying that any other nation but that is fiction knowing that they produce their Jet Fuel from Coal makes it a simple switch necessity, knowing Obama it turns into a major campaign consuming billions of gallons of Jet Fuel that is not converted to the 50% Mix just to bring into the arena the 50% Jet Fuel Mix & that is the hidden facts that are breaking all nations reasonable accounting for Jet usage. Conversion will be isolated not as a military career opportunity, it will be a new job force that is hired on a contract basis for making Jet Fuel, and denoted as a Green Solution locally in other nations which is a 2nd lie thus covering the Copenhagen solution of funding.

AIG leased Jets to Africa in the beginning, then Africa started getting hungry to own them & started buying their own now this Jet Fuel Method comes up & they will convert over in a year so the results of the USAF & African Commercial Jet Pollution of CO2 will show it is decreasing & that will substantiate this years Copenhagen Summit making Obama & Pelosi a Hero to successfully manage CO2 legislation curbing CO2 abundance globally. At the expense of Taxpayers this lie has made it to my scientific analysis, I predict a new interest in local airports to make their own Jet Fuel & cut Uncle Sam's Tax Plans 50% eventually leading to more money for more jobs & a increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) causing a change which means recalculating the Cost-of-Living increases (more immigration). Citigroup is the last Wallstreet Bank, it serves Saudi Arabia as a investment. Citigroup will find a way through this exchange to invest instead of having drops in their market and blame this also to Global Warming Business Development in all nations.

Global Warming Violates The Constitution

Global Warming episodes will carry this election through the next election in 2012. The USAF will have completed their conversion to the new 50% Synthetic Jet Fuel Composition by 2011 for all their aircraft. The small business contracts will begin to engulf most of America but with a duration employment of only a year per employee overlapping so to always have a few employed at all times following each year commitment. The exchange of funds will take place mainly in the Health Care arena and those which use military transport will not be taxed, others which use commercial means will be taxed, including all vaccines, so if Africa gets hooked on the H1N1 vaccine they will have to make it themselves to balance their own budget accordingly otherwise they will not break free of the recession caused by sickness and death. America is about out of the woods on H1N1 vaccines and if no other mutant vaccine becomes necessary there is a conclusion to this medical phenomena. In 2012 if the lie is not exposed it will graft together with Health Care and Insurers will have to invest in the 50% Synthetic Fuel business to offset their VAT so they do not produce losses of income. We may see a new Synthetic Fuel produced that will be used in Consumer Vehicles out of this major development objective but the plan evolves to a sinister endorsement for use in ships carrying Oil first because of German Oil Tanker manufacturing Natural Gas Ships which is in opposition to Brazil's Hydrogen Gas Tankers.

-Power of Attorney-

Al Gore Wanted To Be In Obama's Shoes

Imagine where America would have been if Al Gore had been President. Al Gore would be using the USAF to preach Global Warming dangers of CO2.

The USAF had already invented the Synthetic Jet Fuel before Obama got elected, under Pres. George Bush Watch. How Obama treats it is to make it appear as if it happened under his watch making it into a Green Objective - Against the Greenhouse Effect & it then is a new Global Warming Compelling Obama Scheme. The Hero Has Tweaked the world, Nobel Prize Swindler. Can you believe in Lies? Go For It. Al Gore messed with Obama Greenbacks (Islamic Radicals Around The World). Note Iran Students Removed Islamic Symbol From Flag In Protests In Iran.

Did you read this: Beneficial CO2 molecule nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize - URL:
Site: GORE LIED ... Al Gore lied about anthropogenic global warming
Al Gore's Modus Operandi
Al Gore: “I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it [anthropogenic global warming] is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are.” IN OTHER WORDS - LIE.
Any more proof needed?

Financial Backing

Afghanistan nor Pakistan interest do not and will not lay on America's shoulders. America's military support is not a interest, we are so kind & they are so willing. America is at a financial loss for any and all Terror Activity that involves it's so called termination.

If America is looking for interest support, America needs to concentrate more efforts to utilize satellite surveillance on its own instead of being charged for time sharing of the satellite or its provider. It is senseless to pay for time share in a wartime effort to end terrorism, providers should be more serving to our military that can accomplish the task while the Army is committed to what the Afghan government says is a major financial deal up to 15 years to establish.

This July 2011 time frame end date is a relaxed estimation that does not go to the extremes of establishing financial backing by either Afghanistan, Pakistan, or India but would not involve either Russia or China either and those two are most important to the financial needs of all three nations. Little was said that United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a Market Crash and economic disaster to deal with, but it looks that American Leadership has taken a big issue against UAE if American Leadership wants to benefit so greatly in Afghanistan. With a crashed market to deal with in the region theres no wonder that financially no funds are available within these nations to handle future incentives.

Rulings are being stated as having been based on faulty science. Indeed, the above situation proves that a science is not needed to see that a result of 50% less C)2 pollution can result just from using Synthetic Natural Gas. Is this faulty science or is this a scam to over tax America?

F15 Tests Alternative Jet Engine Fuel

Alternative Jet Engine Fuel

Controlling Atmospheric Pollution

Titanium Dioxide has been recognized as a purifier for the atmosphere to remove Nitrogen Oxide Particles emitted by car exhausts to turn them into harmless Nitrates. Industry and Motor Vehicles produce Nitrogen Oxide Particles. If highway engineers were to use this process method within tunnels where high concentrations of pollutant exists in the atmosphere there could be safer conditions prevailing inside every tunnel equipped with purifiers daily. All city buses should have these installed if they continue to use liquid fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Back in August 2008 a Dutch town began testing air-purifying concrete which works in the same manner but is bricks that is embedded with additives of Titanium Dioxide and acts on auto vehicle exhausts. If electric vehicles are not to be used on tarmacs of airports then Titanium Dioxide should be considered to combat increased pollutants. The upper atmosphere actually has less Nitrogen Oxide in Tropical weather than has expected from most studies. Normal lightning combines nitrogen and oxygen to form large amounts of Nitrogen Oxide. Nitrogen Oxide can also form ozone, a important greenhouse gas.


Creating Jobs Is Just Part One of

The Elaborate Global Warming Compelling Obama Schemes in The World's Efforts to Obtain Fuel For Thought. See the USAF has held a key to decreasing CO2 for quite sometime, the Pentagon was very excited to tell everyone about a 50% reduction of Jet Fuel need. By manufacturing the Synthetic Fuel following the test flights using it proved successful without any difference in quality versus performance, much better, so there is no cost factor. The OPEC does not own this Synthetic solution and its 50% less Coal use. What could be better than this, a electric UFO that uses a 100% Synthetic Fuel derived from CO2 in a negative environmentally safe container field? That is closer to being a future for anti-gravitational furnaces that work the opposite direction instead of burning the fuel it produces it so it can then be burned in a Jet Engine of a plane or a ship.

The hold-up on Job Creation is entirely between the USAF & Obama, I do not see the Senate involved with the USAF on this situation of Synthetic Fuel. It should turn a few digits towards the Employed Scale but maybe not 11,000 jobs or the 10%+ unemployed total, so there is something more to expect Tuesday. I have seen the snickering as Obama was walking from Air Force One as if he envisions this elaborate scheme to deal with his term of Presidency. The only problem with his cognition is that it is costing Taxpayers more years into the future than his term allows him as President, he seems AOK on that but we don't seem to be sharing those same feelings.

UAE Financial Market Collapse

UAE needs Citigroup since its failure to help Afghanistan, Pakistan, & India, maybe they think they cannot, China is, Russia has a need too, but Iran is out of the picture. Afghanistan, Pakistan, & India all 3 have a Natural Gas future they can share with Russia & China as their backer for all the steel they ever need so that does not include America in that economic gain they possess & to think Obama is after some sort of equilibrium hanging onto Afghanistan militaristically (15 yrs) supports the founding ideology the 3 nations will reserve for themselves, knowing our military future is at a end, terror war is rightfully their responsibility, all we could do is in scientific objectives which I was thinking he might have wanted to do his Global Warming Sweep. Could they care less about America, like Armenia that received a Genocide Memorial on the other side of their Turkish border to recognize how many Armenians were killed by the Turkish Jihadis [], the border to it has been closed since it was erected during the Bush Presidency and he was opposed to it []. The Arabic word Jihad is derived from the root word Jahada (struggle). Jihad has come to mean an offensive war to be waged by Muslims against all non-Muslims to convert them to Islam on the pain of death. Jihad is enjoined on all Muslims by the Quran. My Dad was in Turkey representing the USAF long before Obama was born to this World and knows what Turkey & Muslims are like & it don't change much.

In Conclusion

I have a few days before I go to be operated on that I can commit to posts here at Townhall so you can follow me also on Facebook & Twitter or read a few blogs (Townhall at Jonalist Blog, Windows Live, MySpace, Blogger at Google, Bravenet, etc.).

The hold-up on Job Creation is entirely between the USAF & Obama, I do not see the Senate involved with the USAF on this situation of Synthetic Fuel. It should turn a few digits towards the Employed Scale but maybe not 11,000 jobs or the 10%+ unemployed total, so there is something more to expect Tuesday.

UAE needs Citigroup since its failure to help Afghanistan, Pakistan, & India, maybe they think they cannot, China is, Russia has a need too, but Iran is out of the picture.

Hope you have a good day.
Establishing A Health Care Trust Fund
The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Justice Fails Respect, American's Being Canned

Shall I not make you aware of some news worthy information, you might not get their radical motive soon enough so I shall spell it out fully. At the last news report another two were arrested in that Michigan FBI Raid incident up in Canada. But I suspect there is a lot more hidden knowledge that came from computers that the FBI had confiscated long ago in a storage facility which held amongst other things printing presses for making money and I believe that ACORN had a big involvement back then and still do today but the entire story rests on the evidence the FBI has gathered from computer hard drives and their recent arrests. To say the least H. Rap Brown certainly got everyone in Alabama out of their easy chair and it stayed that way till he was arrested wearing a bullet proof vest, of the quality that truckers of eighteen wheelers could have delivered around all states but that is the question, how far was the outreach and for how long did it go on before they converted to Islam. It is important to note that I am a onlooker, a very interested non-connected investigative reporting tycoon that just has to nail the matter shut once and for all because this is America. Anything else that America shares with the population is The United States of America and that is how our government is suppose to be a standby not a caretaker on a witch hunt going for uninsured when there are unemployed to take care of their Health Care Insurance. OK so Medicare and Medicaid can't help everyone but neither will the Health Care Bill in Congress that is under rap because it opens a super big hole that all foreign nations can begin to embezzle from taxpayers and this is a form of extortion. Don't get it wrong and choose to vote for the Democrats cause they have a lot of foreign converted nationalities whom would turn against American's in a split second and many would be hurt - they are communist, terrorist, Islamic insurgents, and have their own street enforcement tactics, Obama was lucky not to go deeper into the realm of their coverup but through the eyes of the beholders the mistakes made uncovers their purpose. It seems they all want to change America into a Islamic State, is that what American's want? I think not.

Explain How ACORN Moved Their Stuff

If there were a link to eighteen wheeler drivers of the caliber than Van Jones would trust dearly existing in Michigan then whom would those truckers be, what would their religious preference have been during the time they were hired, what else was being delivered by them? I mean office supplies, I mean printing equipment (I recall a lot of printing equipment being found in a storage once with computers in a raid and it could be related).

In a recent FBI raid a co-founder of a Islamic Group also Mosque leader was killed by the FBI and ten arrested were eighteen wheeler drivers at a warehouse and the reason they were in America from Canada was because they desired to overthrow The United States of America making America a Islamic State and to top that their Islamic Group was founded by H. Rap Brown whom was arrested long ago in White Hall, Alabama wearing a bullet proof vest in a shootout with the police that were serving a warrant on him for murdering one police officer at his store firing three more shots into his body while he lay on the ground and the other officer in critical condition from being wounded identified Brown while in Intensive Care at the hospital. Brown is in prison in Colorado. Dumb terrorist possibly friends with William Ayers.

Remember The Dead Gay Choir Boy Young

That was back in the days of Rev. Wright that Donald Young had been found dead in his apartment in Chicago so no one has yet to be charged in his death, certainly not Larry Sinclair whom received a call before his death from him.


That’s the observation of Iranian-born commentator Amir Taheri, whose column in Tuesday’s New York Post notes that many Arabs and other Muslims see Obama as “one of them.” His ‘Islamic roots’ have won him a place in many Arabs’ hearts. Obama has Arabic-Islamic first and middle names: Barack means “blessed” and Hussein means “beautiful.” His last name is Swahili, an East African language based on Arabic.

Frank Marshall Davis, Alleged Communist & Pedophile was Early Influence on Obama. That $650 million joke hurts American's, when has he paid his tax for it.


Better start watching better than you have been, bad boys & girls don't get anything for Christmas.

Very interesting.

Detroit had it seemed a big Islamic wing ding to overthrow America. It seems that much has happened in Detroit since the 1960's but also in Alabama where in White Hall, H. Rap Brown - Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, leader of one of the largest Black Muslim groups in the U.S., called the National Ummah (also a major significant party in Sudan (under the chairmanship of Al-Saddig Al-Mahdi alludes to the Sudanese political powers approach which says the enemy of my adversary is my ally, no Party can challenge the Umma party) which manages terrorist amongst many Taliban Insurgents calling them all rebels - armed movements that rejects a cease-fire) which also stretched into Chicago IL and Cambridge, Maryland. H. Rap Brown [Hubert Gerold Brown was Born - October 4, 1943 in Baton Rouge, LA had a Military Education] was a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) as the Alabama Project Director for a year and went on to become the National Director of SNCC in 1967 had been arrested to later serve a life sentence. About has his Profile. Saif Addeen Al-Bashir (Alwatan Arabic Daily, Writer) called for constitutional, legal and moral incrimination of the Umma Party accord with JEM, had sealed a so-called political agreement with JEM/Khalil Ibrahim- a faction now fighting the established government. There was a lot of sinister stuff going down because of Brown's intentions that turned to Islam just like Michael Jackson had converted to and I think that is the major problem that is affecting American Crime Rates.

The FBI lost its case (charges of inciting riot and of carrying a gun across state lines) against him with the help of his attorneys in the gun violation case were civil rights advocate Murphy Bell of Baton Rouge & the radical William Kunstler, but was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. Arrested for arson and inciting a riot as a member of the Extremist Black Panther Movement, later arrested in New York City & sentenced to five to fifteen years in Attica Prison (1971–1976), converted to Islam during that incarceration & changed his name to Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin. Following his crime spree March 2000 at his own store (in Atlanta's West End) 2-police officers tried to serve an arrest warrant on a minor theft charge, Police Officer Ricky Kinchen lay wounded in the street near the other Officer was then shot 3-more-times killing Kinchen - Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, was sentenced to life without parole plus an additional 35 years on other charges in the 13-count indictment (March 13, 2002).


He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole & serving time at the Georgia State Prison, the state's maximum security facility near Reidsville, Georgia up until August 2007 when he was transferred from state custody to Federal custody as Georgia officials decided too high-profile an inmate for the Georgia prison system to handle then moved to a Federal transfer facility in Oklahoma pending assignment to a Federal penitentiary when on October 21, 2007 was transferred to the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. The other Police Officer Aldranon English survived & identified Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin as the shooter while recovering in the hospital.

H. Rap Brown became known as the author of 'Die Nigger Die!', A Political Autobiography, Lawrence Hill Books, 1969

Not knowing fully what a non-US Citizen such that Obama's 1st father was, in America to go to law school prior to returning to Kenya seems suspicious because the tribe he was in went against him having been married to a white woman and he remarried again thus having also a black woman as a wife and Obama's mother found out about that and divorced him so he was a radical like Obama and that seems to point towards a sinister reason to be going to law school as a non-US Citizen after leaving Hawaiian college and his 1st wife. I am sure there are some dots to connect that are being sheltered by the Far Left National Democrats that have supported Pres. Obama for a long time even when he was a U.S. Senator living down the street from his terrorist friend, William Ayers & ACORN. Mr. Ayers helped founding the Weather Underground, which was not a terrorist group. The Weather Underground bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon, & the N.Y. City Police Dept to protest the Vietnam War. Obama got loose couldn't apprehend him again guess his shaken legs would scare him into marriage.

Weapons were the big haul in the Dearborn FBI Raids and there was few local connections to Muslims but those truckers had recently converted to Islamic religion and frequent Canadian truck drivers. Makes me now wonder about what Islamic ties those men had with Michael Jackson in California and what of drug hauls from the Mexican border would have connected dots to Michael Jackson and his weapon collection. Remember Michael Jackson recently converted to Islamic religion before his death associated with a overdose of drugs administered by Dr Murray who had his Office in Texas. Can't speculate why any Muslim Islamic insurgents want to convert America to a terrorist nation but why were the Black Panthers OK with that. Now wondering how those Black Panthers seem to be so relaxed about this recent FBI incident in Michigan, knowing that Pres. Obama had once been a associate of the Black Panther movement. The 2-year investigation must have more information about this situation yet to be released. Louis Farrakhan must be laughing his head off right now. I also believe that many dealings with Mexican truckers have been a main objective transferring weapons and dope as a Islamic U.S. Overthrow Party could be compared to some Tea Party Tour. There have been numerous Islam conversions in Alabama and they are quit openly talking about their conversion from Christian or African religion to Islam, seemingly they are very proud of having converted and even try to convert me. Because the Umma party is adopting the "Sufic Islam" approach while JEM is adopting political Islam.

Most Interesting!

Still A Big Mystery in All States Surrounding Health Care Insurance cause It Can Become A Extortionist Dream Come True.
Page Three:

Perhaps a double taxation plan (Double Standard) that involves AT&T and all cable companies, see your statement fine print which says they can charge you whatever tax they want to which covers their overhead expenses which would become Health Care Insurance required by all employees of theirs and when you are paying the same for Health Care Insurance are you not paying more than is legal to ask you to pay? This Double Standard would also work for other nations to create jobs for those whom need jobs for the purpose of collecting a Tax from all American's in that nation that has no Health Care Insurance, guess what, there might not be a hospital for many miles and I mean many so what good does this speech stuff do American's and charity workers. Aren't the Norwegians a bit stupid to give someone $1.4 million dollars knowing fully well that to start this stuff it starts 'Taxation For Extortion'?

Not just him, think about them...

The illegality is that the Congress has a plan that steals The Power of Attorney from everyone, forcing them to have to engage in a Health Care Insurance matter regardless of their situation & location, there's nothing more sinister than to make someone have to pay for not having when they cannot even telephone a emergency situation in to get help for themselves or anyone else. I would have to ask why didn't AT&T think to be a Health Care Insurer at least everyone would have one of those dangerous cellular phones, furthermore there's a lack of the newest communication Internet Phone Systems on all the highways in America esp. Interstates. With as much money as it would cost for American's to have to pay for not having Health Care Insurance each American could pay to have Internet Phones and a computer system for several more remote phones for the garage, back yard, each auto or truck. Congress is trying real hard to make it appear that American's are not poor but as a result trying to make everyone a poor candidate for Health Care Insurance so if this same barking dog routine keeps telling us we can establish our own business why then don't government step up to pay the state fees for such a business which requires amongst Taxes prepaid, Bonding, and The Power of Attorney.

Is there someone that can prove American Politics is without the need of Health Care in America by showing that what already exists has to be corrected first before they go out and create jobs for foreign extortionist government leaders that would establish a recourse for American's being in their country so that they benefit from a Percentile Tax if American's do not get coverage as required in America? I mean the U.S. Government has a stinky solution that even I find to be illegally accessing Taxpayer money in order to allot itself a ways & means to be secure in the travel of its own government officials abroad. In some countries a business agreement must be a partnership which means half owned by a American and the other half owned by a nationalized citizen of that country and each have the responsibility to pay the business Tax. Government lies when it says this Health Care Plan has no Tax associated with it, it certainly will raise a lot of foreign nations leaders eyebrows for their attempt to set a language to what is being done in America and manage their response to it in their nation, the charity workers in all nations will have to consider being extorted just so the foreigners can get enough money from Americas' Health Care Insurance to upgrade & build new prisons to hold the American's without the coverage until they pay the Tax & theres no Amnesty Arrangement for the State Dept to come to their aid either so much less trips to other nations is on their agenda or they plan to attempt to claim some of that cash back which is highly unlikely.

More like...

Obama should have run for 'the office of a patient of the shrink' instead of a President cause he is missing some psychiatric care. What today's Impeachable Offense might be already being Petitioned but not this matter or the matter about a Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize U.S. Code violation that involves both Al Gore and President Obama as U.S. Government Employees incapable to receive, accept or distribute anything above $100 & that's the truth that Congress has yet to deal with regarding violators of The U.S. Code, plus Gore's & Obama's responsibility was to publish just how much Public Taxpayer Funds were used regarding The Nobel Peace Prize because if they continue not to they are violating The U.S. Code. I wish the FBI would raid the White House & Congress to cease all the workings on their Health Care Insurance Plan's because they are all illegally not acceptable.

This is a bit of the proof that internal problems of foreigners are affecting the well being of people in America. It is further describing how foreigners have a advantage to take from American Taxpayers, no one is safe from the matters which were initialized for the uninsured and non-insured that refused to pay for the Health care Insurance coverage around the world they are now victims of Big Government and foreign Government Officials deeming a necessity to comply to America's Insurance outreach for all American's. Their actions can embezzle from each American as they are affected and each would find it necessary to get help from The Dept of State where not even a Amnesty is available to help them financially.

Now A Formality That Started With "ISM".

But the bigger picture is when our leaders take illegal advantage of people from all financial ability within America to claim one thing that just does not have any scientific evidence to support. I am referring to President Barack Obama and Ex-Vice President Al Gore both have received a Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize of $1.4 million and it shows that our law was violated in that event. Obama claims to be charitable enough to give away to charity the full breast of the money but he's still in violation once again to do that much. Our United States Code does not require a government employee to have to hold or have to touch money above $100 to be in violation upon receiving such funding, No even Al Gore with a share in his future would still be a violator of the US Code. If Al Gore is a chicken in claiming Global Warming as a formal certified Nobel Prize Award he should be ashamed for not having substantial evidence to claim such and now that there has been evidence showing Al Gore is wrong I think these two men own American's a apology at most. The US Code also does not state that the Norwegian Nobel Prize Foundation cannot be prosecuted either for instigating a violation of the US Code. If our leadership is going to continue to be absurd about formalities such that are written into law we must find time to get new leadership that respect American's and one's which will believe in the US Code because that is our law.

Truly Al Gore promoted a belief in man-made global warming as a crisis. I feel his effort was not of Nobel Peace Prize criteria. I realize that some heating of carbon dioxide does occur as is also the case for nitrogen that escapes but this heating causes the breakdown of compounds that would be present, more heating would occur naturally by fission from the release of energy from molecular bonds but what does the Norwegian Peace Prize Foundation really know about this scientific jargon that they felt Al Gore to be the expert. Propaganda to start-up the bigger picture of 'Green business advertising' was greater than Global Warming itself at least in America and Europe, a business opportunity for the green energy lobby and that is how I see Al Gore having made a PAC to support it rather than being a scientist himself to have examined and proven what he stated as actual fact. Whatever Gore made a simple scenario from Carbon Dioxide that taxation of industry became a factor for Congress to mandate some Carbon Credit objective that Chinese officials quickly shot down by demanding that all products that would create more Carbon bought by esp. the USA would have added costs to comply to Carbon Credits they now became aware from Al Gore's acknowledgment. Politicians rapidly grasp the ideologies and instantly "greenhouse gas effect" got into the lime light, now 'global warming' became the issue to ponder since the media got a booster shot treatment and once research began to dissolve the footing that Gore stood on it was Professor Richardson that sued Gore to keep his propaganda out of UK Schools, Lord Christopher Walter Monckton, a British Politician, Business Consultant, Policy Adviser, of Brenchley (born 14 February 1952), showing slides of the situation in the upper atmosphere regarding radiation and heating that dispels the theory which Gore uses to ill advise the entire planet earth of media seeking viewers hoping to know the truth and find its really propaganda Gore stretched his support towards not scientifically positive.

A MIT Professor Declared Al Gore’s Global Warming Crusade a ‘Bait-and-Switch Scam by Alfred P. Sloan, Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT. Richard S. Lindzen is a strong antagonist against Global Warming esp. what Al Gore asserts. Well it seems to me scientists do know more than what Al Gore claimed they know. Mr. George Stephanopoulos of ABC pressured Gore about his claims on sea levels while Gore responded inappropriately. Al Gore did not know about Lindzen. I have tried myself to reason with Gore on his site and was removed from its membership and my postings vanished but I still receive email spam from Gore expressed by his Copyright. More spam began coming from sites that support Gore and I just delete them since I never opted in for newsletters from them. Gore spelled it out during his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance that he did not want a new "ISM" starting up.

Lord Christopher Walter Monckton also issued a Warning to America.

What's Wrong In Charging U.S. Code Violations

The US Code does not say that a President / Vice President has to hold or touch or otherwise be within reach or actually re-convey a Award/Gift such as The Nobel Peace Prize, it also does not state that The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Foundation should not be prosecuted for violating the US Code. Their claim for Obama receiving the Award $1.4 million was from his stance on World Peace, well that has gone sour now & that means The Norwegians have little knowledge of what can happen when our Govt endorses a Health Care Insurance Plan which will turn against all Charity Workers from America & all American's in other nations as the Embezzling nation leaders find ways to deal with it in their nation to make a profit & believe me they will determine a way to make a profit, remember too they have no Medicare or Medicaid and may not have as many hospitals that we all have so it is Extortion of Taxpayer Money.

I am Backing Thomas Donahue the Chamber Of Commerce Chief, President + CEO
Greenpeace claimed fraud & astroturfing by Big Oil. the green energy revolution began to smear America's Oil interest claiming against importing when in fact import ships were full and offshore of some nation awaiting delivery cause the Oil Tanks in America were full so there was nowhere to pump Oil from a tanker and that became a temporary Oil Storage Opportunity for Big Oil. Greenpeace does not support the Waxman-Markey bill. Big Oil’s dirty tricks started to aim at price increase schedules within a ten year period until it was discovered in accidentally in a leaked memo details published on Huffington Post, by Kevin Grandia. This Astroturf had nothing to do with campaigners crashing health care town hall events across the country. The Astroturf Scam they were giving the appearance of a genuine grassroots movement while hiding the fact that it is actually a well-funded effort coordinated by large multinational corporations with a vested interest in preventing any new regulations of their dirty energy business. Greenpeace organizes around the country and would help with actions and protests in your community, find your field organizer.

In the "cap-and-trade" legislation authorities on the subject matter began to prevail, just how far would My Project Plan produce anger or disapproval of America's, I think it would not harm a thing to try My Project Plan to see just how much opportunity for jobs and vehicle conversion success The Foundation could bring, if only I had enough money myself to go about the book and the actual building of the manufacturing base we would really have a big project, much bigger than the Environmental Protection Agency but would there be to much EPA paperwork for drinking water quality, purification of water if necessary and reclamation of human wastes to have a absolute null pollution standard? Lindsey Graham signed on to 'cap-and-tax'.


The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama Site.

You might like to add something to this Petition, I suggested a reason of violating The United States Code but the e-mail I received back seemed to lean more on the course of event that a Government Employee had to actually either be holding or be touching the Award/Gift for it to relate to his use of it ($1.4 million) which is not the issue that The U.S. Code is relative to. There's no statement regarding holding or touching in The U.S. Code, it is as simple as that - No way out for a employee. I bet you want to look at President Barack Obama and Vice President Al Gore both as a Public Servant, well some call him that but The U.S. Code states their occupation within Maryland is as a Government Employee subject to the terms of The U.S. Code. Looks that Santa cannot side with Obama nor Gore this time, two birds with one stone throw! Have a good day.

Health Care Insurance Is a Bad Suggestion Because Of Foreign Instigators

Health Insurance in every state at different times accordingly regardless what Govt is attempting to initialize for U.S. Citizen Insurance. AL state employees, force of 37,500, have increases & for some they're being asked to pay their insurance themselves instead of it being Payroll deductible, Single State Workers rate: $15/MO, if Govt asks more than that per US Citizen something is indeed wrong with Congress, Workers with families must pay $10 more 10-01. More increases 01-01-10 to ER visits & Co-Pays for visits to Dr offices. NO National assessment of the situation in every state by 10-01-09 we may not have a good policy coming from big-Govt because of the lack of coordination between all States, some have no State insurer plan whatsoever & would enjoy participating in a Govt run option - never support a public or private option as they have been & that's in States where insurers have their Corp Offices.

Pharmacist try to make it cheaper for everyone not because of Medicare, Medicaid, other Insurance CO, but they require verification & that has to endorse SSA# requiring individuals to have a record on file there also. Talking about ADV Spam, the Govt Plan would make a multi-phase access for Dr requiring updates often & this will increase visits to Dr. & Clinics for testing, + coord@FDA to insure PERF of drugs that have been ADM. US Postal Bankruptcy means NO DELIVERY SYSTEM! New Blog at Viviti POST YOUR RESPONSE! Electric Consumer - My e-mail.

Health Insurance in every state at different times accordingly regardless what Govt is attempting to initialize for US Citizens Insurance. Here in Alabama State Employees, force of 37,500, have increases & for some they're being asked to pay their insurance themselves instead of it being Payroll deductible, Single State Workers rate: $15/MO, if Govt asks more than that per US Citizen something is indeed wrong with Congress, Workers with families must pay $10 more 10-01. More increases 01-01-10 to ER visits & Co-Pays for visits to Dr offices. NO National assessment of the situation in every state by 10-01-09 we may not have a good policy coming from bigGovt because of the lack of coordination between all states, some have no state insurer plan whatsoever and would enjoy participating in a Govt run option - never support a public or private option as they have been & that's in states where insurers have their Corp Offices.

Pharmacist try to make it cheaper for everyone not because of Medicare or Medicaid or other Insurance CO, but they require verification & that has to endorse SSA# requiring individuals to have a record on file there also. Talking about advertising Spam, the Govt Plan would make a multi-phase access for Doctors which would require these things to be updated often & this will increase visits to Doctors & Clinics for testing, and coordination with FDA to insure performance of drugs that have been administered.

$15 does not sound like much does it? Well if we knew how many married have to pay $25 per month we would know a lot more on how much the take-in per month then figure the entire year for Single Workers and Married Workers as one balance. Seemed to be something they did not want us to know and maybe its that they would almost equal so double $6,750,000 per year would be the Grand Total for both. Now add in the cost per ER visit and Co-Pay and that would be something they really should have been paying all the time excepting they were paying for mailers and advertising spam each month for 37,500 State Employees. Some bargain if you ask me, scrap is what I call it, lots missing they do not cover like that ambulance fee of $800 per 25 miles. To know if you lived 50 miles from Birmingham and needed a ambulance you have to pay two times $800 or $1,600 per trip to and from is two trips for a examination if your bed ridden each time that is required.

$562,500 per month
$6,750,000 per year
In Alabama State Employees Insurance Costs Doubled (Single+Married) per year = $13,500,000

Make It A Non Nation Interactive Insurance

One way to curb this measure the Govt has not explored is a co-op conglomerate that would connect all hospitals together into a Emergency Service for all American's at a discount which would serve to protect the patients ability to go to other hospitals other than their closest one if that one is not able to take them. It is a scenario that Insurance Co's cannot deal with as they have tried but fail because it crosses state lines. In fact with such a co-op all patients could get a instant rebate for having to go across state lines so think about that issue as it covers Emergencies & General Care could be routed to small doctor offices & they would be the benefactors of the normal processing without the need of having to have a office in a big hospital as most participating doctors do & those that do have ER rights to obtain it when available which means they do not have to pay the overhead like your Insurer is not charged that. What this does is to eliminate any conceived opportunity another nation could compose to profit from Health Care Insurance Extorting American's Tax Money. Did you want Insurance or a 'Crime Fighting International Wing to the White House For Health Care Insured US Citizen's Using Taxpayer Money With Rising Health Care Costs Each Year'? It is a illegal Tax Haven in America that Nancy Pelosi has conceived thanks to Obama! Being Non-Interactive a foreign nation would not be able to code in to a money making scam off each Taxpayer whom is not insured, sparking a International Prison Construction & Upgrade motive. We do not want a new wing added to the White House that stands for "Taxation For Extortion", fact is how could the National Debt then be paid using the money in that way.


Disaster Struck Billing Statements Long Before Any Health Care Bill Started To Indicate That Fines (which are Tax To Americans) Would Be Charged Everyone That Does Not Have Health Care Insurance So That The Fund Generated Will Be Used To Pay The National Debt.

It seems that Axelrod has taken a larger role at the White House and his goal has drained a lot of money from Taxpayers. His objective is to advertise, why is it this advertising game went into overdrive once the Conventional Television Rights Expired and the High Definition Television Rights Started? HDTV quality actually costs more because the equipment costs more and programming must support each new version so equipment quickly goes out of date and that is expensive. I think there is no need for Health Care Insurance Advertising so we could eliminate Axelrod and his operatives 100%.

Axelrod may have stumbled upon a hangman opportunity which may aide AT&T in some way and that would be Tax Cuts, but in the form of Working Families which rules against those workers that have deaths in their family and have no joint return reflecting that they are still married. Is Obama a stupido heading to a Gernamo bunker looking to capture the melting butter before it runs over the edge of the Tax Table? Our Treasury is that melting butter, he's trying to capture the use of it over and over aiming it towards his founding partners without giving Taxpayers the benefit, why should people earning over $250,000 have to pay more taxes. It's not like they aren't protecting their investments better than what government could which excludes Holidays, so Insuring Holidays may get a washout immediately for all that are insured under any kind of a plan which includes Big Government because it would saturate a Super Computer objective meaning for operators to be certified as Federal Employees, How many Federal Holidays are there which cannot lower the bar to access the Super Computer?

Double Taxation, that's the problem in organizing a plan which would force communications companies like AT&T and Cable Companies to see the light, lowering the cost to consumers would be a good idea but in tax assessment it cannot serve to help married working families and the majority customers are single.

GOP Sounded Off To Senate's Proposal, Now Two House Bills Available To Debate

Representative John Boehner (R-Ohio), outlined his party's alternative on the GOP's weekly radio and Internet address Saturday and CNN this morning. Mr. Boehner is showing that the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan places Washington in charge of health-care decisions, add to the bureaucracy, raise premiums and cut Medicare benefits. Mainly Pelosi's Democrat plan breaks the bank, takes away the freedoms Americans cherish is not the answer to the challenges we face, extends coverage to 96% of Americans, imposes new requirements on individuals and employers to get insurance and provides subsidies for lower-income people.

The Republican version includes a new public insurance plan that would pay providers and hospitals at rates negotiated by the health and human services secretary. More concern can be given on letting people buy health insurance across state lines (this releases Insurance Co's from being burdened in connecting hospitals & doctors throughout the US expanding specialist that congregate in certain states to work larger programs for individual compliance), allowing people & organizations to pool together to buy insurance for lower prices & reining in malpractice lawsuits (one of Obama's pet pea works that could have caused another Tax on Court Awarded Cases to earn a balance from the Award amount, most have been under $1 million but a few go beyond that in extreme issues).

Mr. Boehner, respective to two plans stated, "We can come together to implement smart, fiscally responsible reforms to improve Americans' health care," he said, "or we can recklessly pursue this government takeover that creates far more problems than it solves.''

Michael Moore will not respond to My Project Plan 'The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)' ... See if you can get him to respond to me. No Trick-A-Treat.


This is the major reason this administration is so nervous on Health Care Insurance. Imagine a government having to do what a Credit Card business had setup before government setup Health care Insurance, and now think what this means because it will affect only those in Big Government and not all American's because they are covering for their overhead not all American's whom are being cut in both Medicare & Medicaid. Lots of Insurance Companies will simply declare bankruptcy and that is how the administration figures. It is not fair that lies of being the same Insurance for all is generated by members in Congress, it is unfair politics and purely a Socialized Government. We know much better than to allow this to happen to America.

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I fail to see a connection with a Nobel Peace Prize in regard to Obama, maybe it is because I see the future turning against America, I see disaster not long in the making all because of Obama's Ideologies which are few and far between leaning heavily on Nancy Pelosi for the jest of the Health Care Insurance Bill passage but she cannot outlive this disaster that will befall America.

Communique To The Nobel Peace Prize Foundation

10:24 PM 10/13/2009
Site feedback - Evaluate

I am 'The Jonalist', you may know me from Townhall postings or other postings I have done reading news & blogs. You also may know me from a free website which belongs to a Canadian business now that they have re-defined what Free Space is for their Free Website (5MB) and I have written My Project Plan over because of that, following President Barack Obama and his other government employees going to Canada to talk about the Tax Haven of The Caribbean Development Bank nation banks thus failing to get them to blacklist those bank's mainly due to having shipping serving nations of Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela, plus those nations where the banks are located.

The illegality is that Obama is a employee of the United States Government that has accepted some $$$ above the allowed $100.00 from a foreign source. This is not allowed in the US Constitution nor the US Code. HERE.

U.S. Code Title 5 Part III Subpart F Chapter 73 Subchapter IV
Receipt and disposition of foreign gifts and decorations (a) For the purpose of this section— (1) “employee” means— (E) the President and the Vice President.

US Constitution Article I, Section 9 HERE

In doing so Obama would loose the Presidency and could never run for President ever again, Canadian Official refuse to signify any changes. Even so this Health care Insurance Bill will cause several bad things to occur in the world. First we will see a increase of Extortion, next more Kidnapping abroad, more murders abroad, more theft abroad, and finally more Blackmailing abroad. Why a President and Congress wants to access Public $$$ to funnel Extortionist money and that's Taxpayer $$$, is a question yet to be answered, it is illegal to Tax The People of America for not purchasing Health Care Insurance which is a Extortionist Key to unlock the barriers of $$$ and control of the American's abroad esp. American Charity Workers even if they are of another nationality. Read my comments to a Michelle Malkin, Columnist article entitled "Spin Doctors for Obamacare" dated Wednesday, October 07, 2009...
Reply # 273; Reply # 274; Reply # 275; Reply # 276; Reply # 1 and that should answer what I am meaning by exclaiming these fallacies within a law that does violate the right of each US Citizen To Have Power Of Attorney and to Execute Their Power Of Attorney As They Are Mentally, and Physically Capable Of, No Government has the right to steal peoples Power of Attorney from them no matter if they are not capable to care for themselves when they have a write of Administrators either assigned by them or a judge and court of peers. Illegal politics that has grown to extort Taxpayer money from our Treasury and Banks have been taken over by the FDIC Illegally. I say Illegally because it is a mathematical formula that serves to illustrate that banking for the people did force assets of the people beyond their command into states where Insurance cannot be purchased. Changing law using the Health care Plan to allow out of state Insurance purchases is not going to change what has happened because of Obama & Timothy Geithner's FDIC orders to seize banking they felt has Toxic Assets. Stealing more steel from Clunker Autos to have to make more steel new for new auto of that recycled steel increases the Global Warming and CO2 pollution of earth. How could the US Government lie to its peoples and expect to be honored in the world at large without depending on Barack Obama? Now The Nobel Foundation has perceived something else a fallacy, its own Award that it gives to a employee of the US Government that cannot Accept nor Re-distribute that Award because of the US Laws it is simply illegal President Obama is even connected to the Nobel Prize. What I suggested to The Nobel Foundation serves the essence of re-determination of why a violation of The US Constitution is so popular amongst failing Awards, its fund is so small and yet so many have spent over what it is truly worth just exclaiming someone won it and I know the US Laws to say to them in English I could not accept such a thing even if Barack Obama gave it to me keeping his meek share of $100.00 of it because I know the US Law tells me he cannot Re-Distribute the Award legally due to being a violation of US Code. the formal law which all states have to abide by including US Citizens and all Foreign Governments and their peoples must also. When States can write their own laws it is important to note that it is because of The United States Constitution that they can and it is The US Code that authorizes the many to serve the people accordingly, they do not become a employee of The US Government, they are State Employees and have the right to form State Employee Unions, it is that aspect that President Obama and his Federal Employees intend to attack against all State Employee Insurance Laws that The State insurance Department authorized, its a hidden Civil War which is earning to burst forward but has a Legal Characteristic, The US Constitution prevents the illegal things Obama has instigated, The Nobel Foundation is instigating yet another from another out field position and the game has just now ended in Rules and Regulations within The US Code to denounce President Obama as a Violator of this nations laws Obama violated The United States Constitution and The US Code, he is subject to be arrested and tried before his peers (NO HE HAS VIOLATED THIS NATIONS LAWS - NO TRIAL NECESSARY), End Of Game!

What I do: I am a author, my author name is The Jonalist, I manage a website that defines a Foundation, I have tried time after time to get Obama to give it a try and he has neglected me and The Foundation every time. He went forth on many issues I kept describing what was wrong and he failed to listen, in fact many in Congress failed to listen or read the News I Make On My Project Plan Site entitled "The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF)" and I have much more reading you can do just clicking the links. I admit that removing many images had to be done because of the servers Free Website host named Bravehost at where anyone can get a free website. I have asked Michael Moore to join me and to Skunk Obama Right Now in making a new website so he may be a co-founder. I have faith that we could show this to all nations of the world and turn the table on President Barack Obama and make the world realize that America is founded as a Free Nation Under God and with Liberty and Justice For All and that I mean truly for The Nobel Foundation that has every right to exist even if Obama's employees decide to come after The Nobel Foundation for having started with a Award to Obama because The Nobel Foundation did not tell nor force Obama to make the decision he has, it was all done by himself and to know why he should not have he had to know what The United States Constitution & The US Code had to do with his job as President because he is a employee of The United States Government, I AM NOT A EMPLOYEE OF ANYONE RIGHT NOW, NOR WAS I A EMPLOYEE OF THE USA. I do not apologize for bringing this matter to your attention, I see that no one else is bringing this matter to your attention and according to history, Hitler never brought to the attention of the Jewish people in Germany that Hitler himself was mad because they tore pages out of the Holy Bible Hitler authorized to be printed and gave to them and they did that, it meant a holocaust surely as it happened that he found this out. I also possess the "Dictionary of Christ & The Gospels" a Charles Scribner Publication's.

I am still considering the donation of two vehicles I own to The Foundation, but my father took ill from a fall that resulted in his flight from Montgomery Baptist South Hospital to Birmingham's UAB Hospital where he had a tube placed in his brain then was operated on again to change it to a SHUNT which he has to live the rest of his life with and then returned to Montgomery Baptist South Hospital from UAB Hospital for two weeks recovering to come down with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection and was sent to Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital where he has been for over a month and soon October 20th he is to return home. If it were not for that I may continue to consider making that donation but I have to have transport for him and my mother whom has diabetes, a shunt in her heart, a replaced hip, and is gradually going blind because of diabetes. I have been to the Ford Motor Company and found a salesman to help me in determining what vehicle I can purchase with what Credit I can obtain and he seems as though he will assist me at least sell me a car and I Trade-in two cars. One car I would like Ford to simply fix it up with a new engine (have not discussed with Ford what kind of engine yet but if I could get electric wheel motors for it I would want a Natural Gas Fuel Cell Vehicle) and sell it back to me. With my credit I could end up with a heart attack if Ford did that much for me, they know my circumstances I am in a predicament that I must see this emergency turn into a good future cause my dad deserves every moment I can give him and my mom deserves every moment he and she can be together. There's no time for Obama to violate US Law like this and no time for Michael Moore to continue playing a little kid that can't. It is time to build My Project Plan and that is necessary for the world to benefit. Sorry I do not agree with The Nobel Foundation giving Obama anything, his original name before his mother changed it for a Hawaii Birth certificate shows me the neglectful illegal acts that were occurring back in 1961 when forms were not available always any form would do to write on or file from. Barry Soetoro is not this Barack Obama whom was born in Kenya and went to Muslim School in Indonesia to study Islam and that is a fact, his mother used the vise act which is available to all female US Citizens to declare a son a American, their Natural Born Mistake in Hawaii is the change we did not need.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has stated enough to warrant a full investigation to close, regarding The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009, Designated & Awarded to President Barack Obama of The United States of America [URL]. There is substantial proof already that what you did was something that a employee of the United States Government could not endulge in esp. if Public Funds are to be used on its behalf and thus far there have been a unaccounting of Public Funds used. A Award Gift such that you stand for is not allowed above $100.00. Distribution of a Award Gift from The Nobel Prize Authority is a foreign denomination without any connection to The United States of America Government nor factors thereof. You are not required to substantiate any further details esp. President Obama's decision to continue or to discontinue your designation. If you and he wish to work out some other condition that President Obama is not responsible for your actions without involving President Obama and violating The U.S. Laws then you should restate your position and define the moment of conception as either a mistake or to redefine how the Award Gift is to be managed without President Obama becoming further involved so he does not violate the U.S. Laws in what you have done, note, Obama cannot redistribute your Award Gift in some Charity designation due to the facts we know about our U.S. Laws so mandate your logic in another direction please.

To understand our United States Code you may need a attorney. To understand our United States Constitution you may need a attorney, I doubt that with all your statements being evident to the facts surrounding this issue of distribution of a Award Gift from you that President Barack Obama needs a lawyer or a attorney since its substantial enough to warrant full disclosure of the Public Funds used on that behalf and establish exact comments that reflect President Obama's claim to re-distribute to unknown Charities which he again would be required to disclose. In effect this serves to show President Obama is guilty of violating The United States Constitution and The United States Code.

If you did not explain to President Obama his problem with this sort of thing I understand that you did not know about The United States Laws. Maybe your intentions were not specifically aimed at causing a violation of he United States Constitution and The United States Code since your not knowledgeable of these matters that are regarding all employees.

Thank You for Your Assistance to Understand What You Meant Involving a President.

U.S. Code Title 5 Part III Subpart F Chapter 73 Subchapter IV
Receipt and disposition of foreign gifts and decorations (a) For the purpose of this section— (1) “employee” means— (E) the President and the Vice President

> § 7342 Receipt and disposition of foreign gifts and decorations
(a) For the purpose of this section—
(1) “employee” means—
(A) an employee as defined by section 2105 of this title and an officer or employee of the United States Postal Service or of the Postal Regulatory Commission;
(B) an expert or consultant who is under contract under section 3109 of this title with the United States or any agency, department, or establishment thereof, including, in the case of an organization performing services under such section, any individual involved in the performance of such services;
(C) an individual employed by, or occupying an office or position in, the government of a territory or possession of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia;
(D) a member of a uniformed service;
(E) the President and the Vice President;
(F) a Member of Congress as defined by section 2106 of this title (except the Vice President) and any Delegate to the Congress; and
(G) the spouse of an individual described in subparagraphs (A) through (F) (unless such individual and his or her spouse are separated) or a dependent (within the meaning of section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) of such an individual, other than a spouse or dependent who is an employee under subparagraphs (A) through (F);
(2) “foreign government” means—
(A) any unit of foreign governmental authority, including any foreign national, State, local, and municipal government;
(B) any international or multinational organization whose membership is composed of any unit of foreign government described in subparagraph (A); and
(C) any agent or representative of any such unit or such organization, while acting as such;
(3) “gift” means a tangible or intangible present (other than a decoration) tendered by, or received from, a foreign government;
(4) “decoration” means an order, device, medal, badge, insignia, emblem, or award tendered by, or received from, a foreign government;
(5) “minimal value” means a retail value in the United States at the time of acceptance of $100 or less, except that—
(A) on January 1, 1981, and at 3 year intervals thereafter, “minimal value” shall be redefined in regulations prescribed by the Administrator of General Services, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to reflect changes in the consumer price index for the immediately preceding 3-year period; and
(B) regulations of an employing agency may define “minimal value” for its employees to be less than the value established under this paragraph; and
(6) “employing agency” means—
(A) the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the House of Representatives, for Members and employees of the House of Representatives, except that those responsibilities specified in subsections (c)(2)(A), (e)(1), and (g)(2)(B) shall be carried out by the Clerk of the House;
(B) the Select Committee on Ethics of the Senate, for Senators and employees of the Senate, except that those responsibilities (other than responsibilities involving approval of the employing agency) specified in subsections (c)(2), (d), and (g)(2)(B) shall be carried out by the Secretary of the Senate;
(C) the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, for judges and judicial branch employees; and
(D) the department, agency, office, or other entity in which an employee is employed, for other legislative branch employees and for all executive branch employees.
(b) An employee may not—
(1) request or otherwise encourage the tender of a gift or decoration; or
(2) accept a gift or decoration, other than in accordance with the provisions of subsections (c) and (d).
(1) The Congress consents to—
(A) the accepting and retaining by an employee of a gift of minimal value tendered and received as a souvenir or mark of courtesy; and
(B) the accepting by an employee of a gift of more than minimal value when such gift is in the nature of an educational scholarship or medical treatment or when it appears that to refuse the gift would likely cause offense or embarrassment or otherwise adversely affect the foreign relations of the United States, except that—
(i) a tangible gift of more than minimal value is deemed to have been accepted on behalf of the United States and, upon acceptance, shall become the property of the United States; and
(ii) an employee may accept gifts of travel or expenses for travel taking place entirely outside the United States (such as transportation, food, and lodging) of more than minimal value if such acceptance is appropriate, consistent with the interests of the United States, and permitted by the employing agency and any regulations which may be prescribed by the employing agency.
(2) Within 60 days after accepting a tangible gift of more than minimal value (other than a gift described in paragraph (1)(B)(ii)), an employee shall—
(A) deposit the gift for disposal with his or her employing agency; or
(B) subject to the approval of the employing agency, deposit the gift with that agency for official use.
Within 30 days after terminating the official use of a gift under subparagraph (B), the employing agency shall forward the gift to the Administrator of General Services in accordance with subsection (e)(1) or provide for its disposal in accordance with subsection (e)(2).
(3) When an employee deposits a gift of more than minimal value for disposal or for official use pursuant to paragraph (2), or within 30 days after accepting travel or travel expenses as provided in paragraph (1)(B)(ii) unless such travel or travel expenses are accepted in accordance with specific instructions of his or her employing agency, the employee shall file a statement with his or her employing agency or its delegate containing the information prescribed in subsection (f) for that gift.
(d) The Congress consents to the accepting, retaining, and wearing by an employee of a decoration tendered in recognition of active field service in time of combat operations or awarded for other outstanding or unusually meritorious performance, subject to the approval of the employing agency of such employee. Without this approval, the decoration is deemed to have been accepted on behalf of the United States, shall become the property of the United States, and shall be deposited by the employee, within sixty days of acceptance, with the employing agency for official use, for forwarding to the Administrator of General Services for disposal in accordance with subsection (e)(1), or for disposal in accordance with subsection (e)(2).
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), gifts and decorations that have been deposited with an employing agency for disposal shall be
(A) returned to the donor, or
(B) forwarded to the Administrator of General Services for transfer, donation, or other disposal in accordance with the provisions of subtitle I of title 40 and title III of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (41 U.S.C. 251 et seq.). However, no gift or decoration that has been deposited for disposal may be sold without the approval of the Secretary of State, upon a determination that the sale will not adversely affect the foreign relations of the United States. Gifts and decorations may be sold by negotiated sale.
(2) Gifts and decorations received by a Senator or an employee of the Senate that are deposited with the Secretary of the Senate for disposal, or are deposited for an official use which has terminated, shall be disposed of by the Commission on Arts and Antiquities of the United States Senate. Any such gift or decoration, may be returned by the Commission to the donor or may be transferred or donated by the Commission, subject to such terms and conditions as it may prescribe,
(A) to an agency or instrumentality of
(i) the United States,
(ii) a State, territory, or possession of the United States, or a political subdivision of the foregoing, or
(iii) the District of Columbia, or
(B) to an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 which is exempt from taxation under section 501(a) of such Code. Any such gift or decoration not disposed of as provided in the preceding sentence shall be forwarded to the Administrator of General Services for disposal in accordance with paragraph (1). If the Administrator does not dispose of such gift or decoration within one year, he shall, at the request of the Commission, return it to the Commission and the Commission may dispose of such gift or decoration in such manner as it considers proper, except that such gift or decoration may be sold only with the approval of the Secretary of State upon a determination that the sale will not adversely affect the foreign relations of the United States.
(1) Not later than January 31 of each year, each employing agency or its delegate shall compile a listing of all statements filed during the preceding year by the employees of that agency pursuant to subsection (c)(3) and shall transmit such listing to the Secretary of State who shall publish a comprehensive listing of all such statements in the Federal Register.
(2) Such listings shall include for each tangible gift reported—
(A) the name and position of the employee;
(B) a brief description of the gift and the circumstances justifying acceptance;
(C) the identity, if known, of the foreign government and the name and position of the individual who presented the gift;
(D) the date of acceptance of the gift;
(E) the estimated value in the United States of the gift at the time of acceptance; and
(F) disposition or current location of the gift.
(3) Such listings shall include for each gift of travel or travel expenses—
(A) the name and position of the employee;
(B) a brief description of the gift and the circumstances justifying acceptance; and
(C) the identity, if known, of the foreign government and the name and position of the individual who presented the gift.
(A) In transmitting such listings for the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency may delete the information described in subparagraphs (A) and (C) of paragraphs (2) and (3) if the Director certifies in writing to the Secretary of State that the publication of such information could adversely affect United States intelligence sources.
(B) In transmitting such listings for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Director of National Intelligence may delete the information described in subparagraphs (A) and (C) of paragraphs (2) and (3) if the Director certifies in writing to the Secretary of State that the publication of such information could adversely affect United States intelligence sources.
(1) Each employing agency shall prescribe such regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of this section. For all employing agencies in the executive branch, such regulations shall be prescribed pursuant to guidance provided by the Secretary of State. These regulations shall be implemented by each employing agency for its employees.
(2) Each employing agency shall—
(A) report to the Attorney General cases in which there is reason to believe that an employee has violated this section;
(B) establish a procedure for obtaining an appraisal, when necessary, of the value of gifts; and
(C) take any other actions necessary to carry out the purpose of this section.
(h) The Attorney General may bring a civil action in any district court of the United States against any employee who knowingly solicits or accepts a gift from a foreign government not consented to by this section or who fails to deposit or report such gift as required by this section. The court in which such action is brought may assess a penalty against such employee in any amount not to exceed the retail value of the gift improperly solicited or received plus $5,000.
(i) The President shall direct all Chiefs of a United States Diplomatic Mission to inform their host governments that it is a general policy of the United States Government to prohibit United States Government employees from receiving gifts or decorations of more than minimal value.
(j) Nothing in this section shall be construed to derogate any regulation prescribed by any employing agency which provides for more stringent limitations on the receipt of gifts and decorations by its employees.
(k) The provisions of this section do not apply to grants and other forms of assistance to which section 108A of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 applies.

See: The United States Constitution, Article I, Section 9

P.S.: Even if President Obama received The Nobel Prize and found guilty or not I am a U.S. Citizen and I know that a President is a employee of The United States of America and he cannot legally give me nor anyone else such a Award Gift because of The United States Laws preventing him from doing so, therefore I would have to ignore that you gave something to him of more value than he can distribute and deny his authorization to give me or anyone else that Award Gift and state to you I do not accept you friendship since it is a law violation I turn down your offer to join in your orchestration of a foreign instrument that is not legally served. Must you violate your Copyright in violating The United States Law?



Norwegian Nobel Institute
Henrik Ibsens gate 51
0255 OSLO, Norway

Subject: About Your Award Gift To President Barack Obama

Mr. Charles M. Jones

I appreciate you reviewing my blogger post. I have spent many hours in preparing this post for today since my operation was postponed on my lumbar region of my back I got some extra time I could post this here. I am also recovering from a smashed middle finger on my left hand.

Sunday October 25th, 2009

I was interested in setting the timing of the Mitsubishi Diamante LS 1992 auto I own. First I decided to get a new battery the day before and it was ready to go but had to have the terminals replaced which I did. I want to get the wheels back on the car so I could then go get it registered and sell it. I began spraying for wasps, I saw four of them and one always gets away so he did. I started working with the two timing gears near the firewall because I had the timing cover off to do this already, I figured out how to stop the two gears facing the front of the car from rotating with bolts through them so I could remove one and that would loosen the timing belt, I then was turning the firewall gear with a socket tool when its spring load rotated causing my finger to flow over and through the two gears side by side. It was instant pain and I was bleeding in spurts so I wrapped it even so it hurt, a few minutes later I washed it a little but couldn't get it clean.

Monday October 26th, 2009

I was at the Baptist East hospital in Montgomery, Alabama for a operation, I learned that my patient data had been removed from their computer system - the administrators just couldn't locate my name and anything about the operation but my blood had already been delivered by LifeSouth and I was wondering how those two pints of blood were to connect up with me when I was not on their computer. So I was told to wait for instructions and I refused because I felt that I would go to the Emergency Room instead and get my finger looked at by the doctor due to the injury my finger sustained the day before. I can tell you it was hurting so bad that I really needed to go to the ER so I just told them I was going anyway. Later I was being looked for around the hospital and the administrator remembered I told her I was going to the ER and she walked into the room where I was waiting for the nurse and doctor to enter to start following numbing of my finger. She brought my paperwork I had given her earlier, like about 6AM and I was clear to go once the doctor came to fix my finger.

I have no way to post photos here on this blog cause any cannot be uploaded.